General Ambassadors

  • Christos Mitas
    General Ambassador
    Christos Mitas
  • Eleni Tsotridou
    General Ambassador
    Eleni Tsotridou

Our Ambassadors

  • Rukaiya Rahman Bristy
    Rukaiya Rahman Bristy
  • George Pazarlis
    George Pazarlis
  • Meliz Tatarlar
    Meliz Tatarlar
  • Andriana Vasilakou
    Andriana Vasilakou
  • Nikhil Chauhan
    Nikhil Chauhan
  • Nemer Mohammad Nader Ali
    Nemer Mohammad Nader Ali
  • Lilian Anagnostopoulou
    Lilian Anagnostopoulou
  • Konstantinos Kyriakakis
    Konstantinos Kyriakakis
  • Faizan Akram
    Faizan Akram
  • Bilal Zafar
    Bilal Zafar
  • Fernando Gallardo
    Fernando Gallardo
  • Liana Shvachiy
    Liana Shvachiy
  • Iasmina Maria Hancu
    Iasmina Maria Hancu
  • Ajinkya Gadekar
    Russian Federation
    Ajinkya Gadekar
  • Mashkur Abdulhamid Isa
    Mashkur Abdulhamid Isa
  • Andriana Velmahos
    United States
    Andriana Velmahos


One of the main goals of our organizing committee is to bring together students of all the health sciences, doctors and researchers from all around the globe thus enabling them to exchange opinions and experiences and also take advantage of our social programme. Fortunately there are those who share our vision and support our effort.


Are you a student of a health science department?

Are you eager to take part in a team effort?

Are you enthusiastic about gaining new experiences?

Do you take pride in your communicational skills?

Then you are more than welcome to become a member of our team! The ambassadors have the task to spread the news to their fellow students and promote the congress via the social media. It goes without saying that we will be there to help you every step of the way in order to promote the congress in the best possible way.

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    • Undergraduate student of any Health Science Department from all around the world with priority for medical students.
    • At least in the 3rd year of his/her studies.
    • Satisfactory level of English (at least B2 Level)
    • The ambassadors should have a facebook and/or instagram account in order to post promotional material about the congress
    • Free time to devote to our congress, at least 1 hour per week to spread the news to their fellow students, promote the congress via the social media and communicate via skype with the Ambassador Coordinator of our congress (at least twice a month)
    • Motivation Letter up to 200 words, why they want to become Ambassadors of our Congress
    • Short CV Letter


The ambassadors will receive a 20% discount for their own subscription  for the first subscription done with their referral code, which will increase by 10% for each additional subscription. Eight subscriptions will equal to a free congress subscription for the ambassador.

The three ambassadors with the largest number of subscriptions will be awarded with unique prizes.

Application form




Nothing would make us happier than to add one more to the list of our international partners. We are looking forward to making new friends and working with our fellow students from all around the world in order for them to help us draw their peers’ attention to our event, while at the same time we will do our best to promote their event.

If you are interested in becoming our partner or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Sincerely yours,

Christos Mitas
Eleni Tsotridou

General Ambassadors of the 25th S.C.H.M.S.

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